Women in the political world: a brief article

Female involvement in political systems around the globe is on the up, as this post will explain.

Great britain was one of the earliest countries in Europe to have a female leader of government and there is also a female government leader today. Whilst there are more male ministers in parliament, the level of female participation in politics is on the up. Margaret Beckett is the longest serving MP in the commons, starting way back in 1974, but nowadays there are far more female MP’s compared to the 70’s. There are other features of politics in the British system, such as the House of Lords, which, even if the name does not mean, also has female members. The British system is distinct in the simple fact the monarch is the formal head of the nation, although the crown has no genuine power in the operating of the government, it is today more of a figure head post. Earlier the monarch has had the power to reject bills and laws, even so today that power is no longer a reality, rather just a convention.

Even though there has not been an American female commander-in-chief, there are still many very authoritative and successful women in the US political system. The setup in America is really different to say the UK; in the Usa they have 3 different branches, which are legislative, executive and judicial, but likewise a senate and congress. The US is also special in the fact that it has states which are managed slightly separately to that of the entire federal system, each state has its own laws so it is a slightly confusing system when taken as a whole. The function of the political system is exactly like any other country whilst also being entirely distinct. With 89,500 localised administrations it is an extremely complicated system that has evolved and developed over time; within these 89,500 governments there are numerous female leaders on each level and hopefully there will be a female president in the not too distant future. Sally Greene is an instance of a woman making a difference in the US political system, whilst it is not at presidential level, every person in a governing position is essential to the bigger image.

The most ancient still working parliament is in the Nordic country of Iceland, which many people find shocking. The parliament includes 63 seats and is currently lead by a coalition government headed by a female politician. Nordic countries are popular for their progressive reasoning and that is also true with their state policies. As Iceland is so pivotal in the history of politics, being engaged in the system is an honour to all those elected, such as Bjarkey Gunnarsdóttir, who has served in the government for over 4 years. Even though Iceland is a reasonably small country in terms of populace, it is an astounding political system that has been at the forefront of equality and forward-thinking politics.

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